Who has had a full respray?

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Who has had a full respray?


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Nov 28, 2005
Hull/Grimsby/Scunthorpe... Somewhere inbetween
Just trying to make head and tail of the quotes i've been getting from some bodyshops as the guys I was going to use just went bust :mad:

Basically to totally re-spray the car including smooth the boot off, fit the new front splitter etc etc (basically bare shell it) i'm getting quotes back of around the £2k mark :confused:

Anyone who has had work done got any figures to compare with?

Had mine done last year, full respray, kit fitted,delocked,debadged,induction kit fitted and coil overs fitted I think thats the lot, all for £2200 so not to bad a quote really.

i had one!!! I cheated tho. got kit fitted, de badged smoother delocked, dents out, custom spoiler, custom vents, windows tinted exhaust, install, bad boyed, wiper conversion, alloys, trick glitter paint respray for £1500.

should be around the 1 k mark for a full respray
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Work will do my colleagues VR6 for £600. hehe. Shouldn't be less than £1000 though. Ring 01924 443322 and ask to be put through to the Bodyshop. If you ask nicely and book in early enough, they should give you a coutecy car too i think.

EDIT: It is CD Bramall Ford in Batley, about 7 miles south of Leeds.
Thanks for the replies. I think that the quotes i've been getting have been ott.
I thought about around the £1k mark just for the respray and fitting the new front splitter, but with smoothing the boot over as an extra.
Gonna make some more enquiries I think :confused:

Smurfhead, thanks for the offer but it's too far from me to take my car over to. Really looking for a place within 50 miles of myself so I can keep an eye on whoever does it.
If you can, do as much as you can yourself. If you can do the prep and get the car to a stage where the top coats can be applied, you'll save a bucket of cash :)
I've heard of people who have resprayed their cars for a few hundred quid by themselves - and the finishes were pretty good (y)
Ah I don't know all this lol ;)

I knew I was being far too general and would have told people off before.

A car I am vaguely (not more than that) interested in has had a bang on the door which has been badly pushed out and the paint broken. I would be looking at getting a good condition door, having it sprayed and swapping it OR getting a new door skin.

But all pie in the sky really if I am honest lol.
Chris, this is no reflection on you or your quality of work but I would have to get it done by a body shop, it wouldn't be up to me.
The Negotiator said:
Chris, this is no reflection on you or your quality of work but I would have to get it done by a body shop, it wouldn't be up to me.

i was just giving you a price, but if your looking for a bodyshop price, it all depends on what type of bodyshop (main dealer, specialist, or small garage).