Styling Which Wheels?

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Styling Which Wheels?

Si - Punto

Supercharger whine :)
Oct 8, 2005
Right folks Im have a hard time deciding which wheels to buy.

I have norrowed it down to 3 and a mate has done me some photoshops of them on the Punto.

They will be 15" with 195/50 tyres and a 40mm drop.

Which ones should I go for?

Wolfrace Street Octane

Team Dynamics Osaka

BSA 334 Tao
Right thats 5 for the Octanes, thats just what I wanted to hear as I love the Octanes but wasnt sure how they would look against the steel grey.

Gaz what did you have in mind mate?
Yeh they do look quite nice but i just prefer not black ones haha

they do look good tho i have to admit (y)
15" octanes for sure.

Black/anthracite wheels on a silver car look wicked!

And imo 17s on a mk2 look too big (not forgetting killing performance/acceleration/top speed)
puntoboy1985 said:
go 4 17's and a 40 mm drop

I am going for the 40mm drop but your having a laugh if you think Im fitting 17s to a 1.2 8v, I do wanna be able to get up the hill to get to my house lol

I would consider 16s with a very low pro tyre but not 17s, even with rubber bands on the 17s it would still kill my performance.

I'll take a look and see if there are any nice anthracite rims on Rochford.

I dont want mulitspokes cuz they would look tiny as 15s, maybe if thye were 17s.

Anyway cheers for the helps guys, Ill keep my eyes open and keep you up to date as to what I find
Still no closer to deciding :(

Yeah I removed the sidestrips, they were pretty simple, took about 15 minutes to get them off and then get the sticky marks off.

I heated them up with a hairdryer and got a thin card behind the strip and worked my way down moving the hairdryer just infront of the card so it was constantly getting the hottest air as I removed them.

Once they were off I used some Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover to clean what was left of the glue off the bodywork, after a bit of buffing it it looked smooth as a babys bum lol