Technical whats this warning light?

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Technical whats this warning light?


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Feb 21, 2006
hi people just bought my first fiat i got the marea weekend 2.0 20v and had a few problems with it but after a short while looking through your site i've got most of the answers but one. there is a warning light on dashboard which stays on for say two to three mins after startup it is red and looks sort of like a red angled rectangle with fluid coming out of it lol sorry im hopeless with cars and not got a clue what it is it has just started coming on recently i suppose it sort of looks like a shower attachment lol thanks in advance pac.
I think its something to do with the fuel injector. My old mk1 punto had this and it used to come on at startup and sometimes stay on for 3 minutes. Maybe not related but when I took it for MOT it was leaking petrol :eek:
Do you have the handbook? All the dashboard warning lights are explained in there. Might be easier for you to verify which light is showing then ask for advice rather than for us to be guessing which light is on.

Does sound like it could be the fuel injection warning light. Let us know.
Is it this one?


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as suggested its the injection warning light and you need to get the error read. About £35 from most fiat garages, it hopeless trying to guess what it might be and you will probably end up paying more than that in trips to halfords and bottles of injector cleaner etc.

JCS may have finally cured my injector warning light, but will post when i'm sure(y)

ye thats the one the injection system malfunction light any tips on how to rectify this? thanks to all that replied ( bulldog its an old p plate paid £450 for it dont know if it was a bargain or not lol)