General Whats the maddest thing you've done in your cinq?

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General Whats the maddest thing you've done in your cinq?


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Feb 4, 2005
Mine would be travelling down the A3 at near on 90mph Speedo indicated (hands up yes I know I shouldn't have (n) but infact I was one of the slower ones down there) with the car piled to the roof with uni stuff including:
2 suit cases, 2 stuffed rucksacks, a toolbox, a car jack and axle stands, 2 alloy wheels, a computer and monitor, Duvets, Towels and Pillows, and 2 large cardboard boxes stuffed with cooking utensils. And you know what the annoying thing was? I got overtaken by an 899cc with 4 people in it lol.
When I owned my 899 i was speeding, and wound it clean off the clock till the needle was pointing at the P :eek:
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Same as me with my 899cc. Taking it off the clock and daring to drive it in the wet with Nankangs on it:eek:

In the Sei,belting it round the Peak District and flying Tommi Makkinen style through a hillside hairpin, looking through my side window (which was actually forward up the road! hehe) and seeing Mr White Omega sat in a lay-by about 50yards away. he followed me for 10 miles until i think he got bored. lol. Well I had to bed in the new suspension:D
Chasing a porsche 911 up a private road codename M6T

nearly did f&f stylee under the lorry trick when i was coming back from slough after picking up cinq (check blind spot next time :eek:)

-60mm lower and i think i might just pull it off next time :cool:
not in any of my cinqis but on some ice in the snow in the last few weeks, went to tescos and found a patch of the carpark that was all iced over.

was in babzs sei and decided to have some fun doing handbrake turns on the ice :D .. went well the first few times doing about 10mph :eek: ...

decided to be a bit more daring and tried it again at about 15mph :eek: :eek: :eek: .. car spun out of control on the ice, did a 360 and nearly smashed into a wall.. missed it by about a metre :eek: :eek: .. and babz was in the car at the time :bang: :cry:...

In my cinqis :p.. never really done any stupid manouvers or anything really dangerous.. but christmas day last year.. did 110mph all the way from liecester to milton keynes on the M1 (j23 - J13) in the blackun on christmas day without letting off the pedal (around 5500 rpm) apart from service stop. ended up at the end of the day with a snapped cam bracket and a busted head gasket :eek: :(

The only excuse i needed to do the 1242 conversion :p :slayer:
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