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Nov 1, 2006
I know I posted this on anothert threat but, I just got this reply from angeltuning, in regards to me asking about gettin my 52 plate 1.8 stilo remapped.

"Hi Andy

Sorry mate, but you have an Hitachi ECU with an MEP processor, it cannot be remapped, by anyone, period. If someone says they can, get it INDEPENDANTLY rolling roaded before and after and don't go by the tuning company's own rolling road as people with Stilo's have been conned by this before.

Sounds a bit like sour grapes to me I know of two people who have had their 1.8 stilo's mapped by the same company and I don't think they would take this comment well if they saw it and the company that did the mapping either :rolleyes:
With regards him turning down business I cant comment but we both know that the 1.8 has been done with a good improvment from both cars :)
I don't know that's why I was asking about Rob. Did he have it done in Bromsgrove that day? I thought it was just an induction kit or have I got it the wrong way around.

Yes he had the induction fitted and the map done his out put went from 130bhp to 156 bhp IIRC ..
Ok I have taken the time to look into this one and here is what I have found out ..quote- The 1.8 can be done with dealer equipment reading off the ecu and this is the exact way a dealer would upload a new software upgrade to the car and this has been done many thousands of times ..This is how it was done on the dyno day and the same tool used ..It would seem that some people are more able to do this than others and their ability far superior ..
who are you quoting?

No comment :nono: ..and wouldn't be fair to bring this company into the discussion ..all I will say is many people have been very satisfied with the level of service given by this company and their reputation is second to none ..they remap cars and give a printout of the bhp achieved by the vehicle in question on a rolling road they do not guess [as some clearly do] but deal in facts and not fiction ..I have seen for myself a car on the rolling road giving a figure well under the figure give by a company who came out and mapped a car at that persons home so I know who I put my faith in at the end of the day ..end of comment :)
I have had my 1.8 remapped! I had the induction fitted nearly two year ago, way before we even had the RR day! With the induction kit on my first RR i was at about 144hp and then with the remap 156hp!

If you would like to get your 1.8 remapped! I had mine done as phil has said and it was done at chipped uk in birmingham! Also know of a few other people with the 1.8 remapped on another site, it can be done! But its not easy basically