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Daz wilde

New member
Dec 29, 2005
Girlfirend wants some new mats to go with her new 55 Punto.... the dealer ones are £28 but are they any good or could i just go to halfords and get some the same for cheaper????

Remember i bought some once for about a tenner and they curled up after a week or two!
I have some ripspeed ones from halfords, black carpet with silver trim, it has a nice alloy checkerplate heel pad which never wears through! so it's quite cool. I have them in my cinq for about 6 months and then they got moved over...
You should have got them to chuck some mats in when you bought the car :)
I am really fussy when it comes to mats (sad huh :eek: ) and i say you can't beat the proper tailored mats, plus you get the little screw things that hold the drivers mat in place with fiat mats (y)