Technical What is the 'City' button for?

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Technical What is the 'City' button for?


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Oct 10, 2010
Sorry if this a stupid question i am a new punto owner and a new driver. Just wondering what the City button does?
It's also known as the girlie button - it beefs up the power steering. Use it and your street cred is in peril:)
It's for Women only!

Makes the steering very very very very light at low speeds. Don't use it when going faster or cornering becomes a bit dangerous.

To help parking although it takes alot of power from the battery, standard steering asks too much of the battery as it is and is light enough to park anywhere already (y)
This is an extremly girly button no need for it realy just an extra to help sell the car to little old women.

Also if used excesivly it will wear out your tyres stupidly quick.
Never use the "extreme girlie" button on the motorway. My wife pressed it once and nearly killed us all changing lanes at 80..
Ha Ha, i Love that button on our mk2 punto:p

Go to turn the car around, drive to the end of the road (no through road) at 15 mph, tap the steering wheel and it turns the car around with NO EFFORT what so ever! Love it:D
It shouldn't be engaging at high speed - whilst it remains illuminated, the assistance it delivers stops at about 30kph (~18mph)...or it should do...
Its electric power steering that in ordinary mode really takes some clout from the battery. Wangin it around (tech term :eek: ) in city mode is putting SERIOUS strain on the system. Fun agreed but it could get very expensive.

Mines a bit too light at speed. Does anyone know how to turn off the power for long M-way runs?

But as T14086 says if you've got severe arthritis / knackered shoulders / etc. its a great idea. Just use it with respect.
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Never use the "extreme girlie" button on the motorway. My wife pressed it once and nearly killed us all changing lanes at 80..

haha be very careful using the button i tried it at high speed and nearly rolled lol

I suggest both of you take your cars to nearest garage! The powered assistance at >28mph is zero so your either both talking a pile of poo or your car is steering defect (unlikely as it gets its speed signal from CAN system and if no signal it switches off bring red warning light on)
it can cause major problems if used long term aswell and as said above kills your battery

I'm surprised it took a whole day for the usual crap like that to be posted.

The CITY button has no effect on the wear/life of the column. It also has no effect on battery life (more the reverse- ie, a poor battery/charging system will stop the PAS working efficiently);)
The power steering takes alot of power from the battery, using the city button asks for even more power to make it more sensitive, therefore more strain on the battery.

A poor battery will stop the steering working effectively because it can't provide it with enough power
It does however have a detrimental effect on manliness, there really is no denying that one :p

Only used with my first driving instructor because he told me too (prick, wasn't with him long!!) and when I injured my back/shoulders a few months ago lol