Technical What do you think!!??

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Technical What do you think!!??


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Oct 26, 2005

Ok, I have been searching hi & low for weeks and finally bought a new control unit from a guy on eBay. The unit appears to be in new condition with box etc. However I have plugged it in to my seat and .... nothing

So... any ideas

I'm sure it should just work, i did have a thought that something may need to be reset e.g the ECU but there are no warnings that the seat is not working so i dont think this is recognised by the cars computer. It may even be the fuse (which is in the most difficult place to get to!!) but i told fiat to check this when they initially gave me the quote... i cant imagine that they would leave it.

I am a bit concerned that I may need to visit Fiat afterall. Although I am a bit reluctant to leave it with them having bought the part myself. I have had my fingers burnt before. You know how you hear stories about the garages not liking customers sourcing their own components especially if it means them losing money. I fear that they may sabotage my new seat control unit and claim that it was faulty anyhow and should have bought the part throught FIAT. This way they still get their ££££ and i'm even more out of pocket. I cant understand why it isn't working, and that by simply plugging in what looks to be a brand new unit it hasnt worked immediately.

If anyone knows anymore on this ... please help

I am finding this all too much... and I really wanted to love my Fiat and prove people wrong!