General what can i get for £1500

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General what can i get for £1500

raptor said:
98 sporting, 28k, e -windows, sunroof, alloy's £995 - makes me want to ditch my punto - although it sonly a 1.1 fire in the sei i guess.....

Make sure the 28k sei still has FSH, it could have been stood for long periods of time with such a low mileage, looks very clean though, also check brakes etc if its stood could have corroded etc check they work lol!

All sei sportings are 1.1 unless had a conversion. The 1.1 is well nippy though anyway, like a go kart!

The clutch cable and handbrakes are the only real weak areas, check all seals too.

I would snap their hands off for 995 TBH but i would still try and get sum off
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the low millage did strike a chord with my corrosion radar, i'll pop and have a look and try and get 3 month warranty chucked in then get it back to my local very trustworthy mechanic who does the once over takes it out for a drive all for free as well! top guy!

thanks again for your help

and dave she might read this forum so don't mention the 'M' word (or the 'B word - i want to buy a totally impractical car before i get down that road) again i've already caught her looking at her bride-to-be-sister dress magazines!
really nice sei there....

i like the red cars my self they the best colour for cars in my own opinion....hope she has loads of fun with a cento or punto

and as Dave says "quick marry her" any girl that hates the corsa is worth it...i hate the corsa

Or if ya want to be really adventurous i'd go for a bravo 1.6 sx you will have 100 bhp under the engine giving you approximatly 114 mph. Or even go for a Bravo HGT 2.0 20v cause you'll get 147 bhp approx and the max speed is 130 mph, un-modded. And the bravo's have a reasonable sized boot, with a light in the boot. Also the back seats are very comfy. oh and give your gf your punto and keep the bravo for yourself. Then she will have a nippy punto, and you will have a drop dead gorgeous Bravo...with a hell of alot of speed in it
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space in the sei isnt a problem at all! i managed to get 2 mountain bikes, a cool box, 2 rucksacks, 4 days worth of food, (and alcohol :D) all in without having to remove the sub and still be able to use both front seats!

looked lower at the back :D and the steering was alot lighter! :D
raptor said:
the low millage did strike a chord with my corrosion radar

Dont worry too much about corrosion of the body, its galvanised, it shouldnt have corroded unless poor crash repair or just not been looked after, poor maintentce etc (y)