Well done CCUK - laptop repairer

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Well done CCUK - laptop repairer

Apr 21, 2003
CCUK are the UK repairer for Gericom, a laptop company I like due to the value of the products. They have always been great to me and replaced parts through my lack of attention, not their design faults.

My sister's DVD-RW drive went in her laptop and some keys were off, so she got it sent back and wanted the DVD-RW for free but would pay for the keyboard. Fine, that was 7 weeks ago. To cut a long story short, it finally arrived back today. I opened it up to put the HDD back in and **** me...




Nothing lined up, the exhaust, the heatsink, the fan, the HDD caddy no longer could be screwed in on both sides, it took 6 attempts to get the HDD in due to the new angles, the surround for the screen is damaged, the hinge is damaged, the whole laptop chassis is curved...etc. etc.

Was fuming. Put it all back together (still half thinking my sister dropped it on the way here/courier was ****) but then something dawned on me...
I was saying

"look, this is how it would have dropped to cause that damage, which means here would have been the impact point"

I looked at where I decided it had hit, nothing, damn, wonder why that is. THen I looked again, the panel looks new, the sticker looks new, the little rubber legs are new and not dirty like the others, it's a darker colour, it's a new ****ing panel!!"

So the **** who dropped it replaced the impacted panel and hoped we wouldn't care?! Gericom - didn't have CCUK's number - got a mouthful.

Cost me an hour of revision and has got me so angry I don't want to even look at thermodynamics.

The bloke said "i have to put it down as transport damage" I said, "you're doing no such thing, unless the courier dropped it and replaced the impacted panel to try to hide the internal damage, somebody at Gericom did it!". It took them 7 weeks to repair it for my sister - now we know why, because somebody dropped it and didn't know what to do.

Courier is picking it up before 5pm tonight.
And this is why I like having a self built PC :)

That has taken a fair knock :( Hope you get it sorted
Try self building a laptop ;)

The picture doesn't show the 'true' damage, only the damage that looks shockingly bad to eyesight. The 'actual' damage is the bent chassis etc.
The Negotiator said:
Try self building a laptop ;)

Pah, who wants a laptop?!?! I got one, and I ain't a fan.
Will update after exams properly but just had a 10 minute call with the repairer, he states it was received like that and that he didn't replace the plastic "don't keep stocks" "but it's new" "your word against mine" blah blah blah

I got him to accept to take the laptop back and have it repaired and get it done on the insurance of the courier. I find it infuriating that he thinks he can get away with accepting an RMA form stating "no damage" yet not contact the owner when he receives it with such damage. He says he keeps stock of the little rubber legs and that's why we think the panel is new, he can't explain the new sticker, the fact it's not damaged when the rest of the laptop is and why the colour is slightly different.

etc. etc.

I think Gericom have just lost a customer.
does look quite bad, but tbh looks just like my laptop, mines been dropped from 5ft onto concrete floor, so a mis broken and when i replaced the motherboard i couldnt fit some of it back together right so it looks just like that.

good that there taking it back to repair though :)
The Negotiator said:
Cost me an hour of revision and has got me so angry I don't want to even look at thermodynamics.
Wow, you must be really angry! :p

And it was away for 7 weeks? That's shocking. On-site warrantys cost more, but I feel they provide better value for money, more so now.
There's no better warranty than taking it back to the shop, bang it on the desk and say 'its shot' :) Or if you have a self built one (;)) then its a good reason for an upgrade or two :D
Mine took 1 week before, I assume 7 weeks since they broke it and had to order for the new plastic, even though a new plastic never existed ;)

It was bought from aldi 22 months ago I think, that actual aldi store is closed lol, my claim I feel is with the repairer, Gericom have done nothing wrong (except use a bunch of cowboys).

I am still so ****ing mad he said the plastic wasn't new, it's so obviously new!
btw; the other "proof" that the damage happened out of our hands was that the caddy for the HDD no longer fits properly. If it was inside the laptop when it was damaged it would too have bent (or stopped as much damage) - he couldn't reply to this.

I removed the caddy 30 seconds before placing it in the parcel packing...
CCUK were similar with me!

no contact or anything, just a piece of paper just shoven in the box saying what was replaced!

still didnt fook it about as much as that tho :p

and for those who care, the part *SHOULD* look like below :rolleyes: all nice and straight :p


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Missed this thread but I am shocked at those pics, bloody hell!

Good on you Paul for arguing with them and getting a result, I would have been shocked at waiting seven weeks for repair though however.

With regard to the self builds, my self built PC went on the fritz not long after I put it together, buggered HDD, went to Maxtors Website (on another machine obviously) and with a CC I got a replacement shipped out within 48hrs and had to send the old one back .

Well it was up to my sister, I had sorted her out a spare laptop during the original repair and since it went over xmas period etc. she didn't notice as much. She is working on her disseration so that's what she uses it for.

"Danny" the bloke at CCUK seems to be a liar, none of his stories added up. Anyway, a huge email was sent to him (and CC'ed to myself, the Gericom tech guy and Gericom management). Gericom hate CCUK so my Dad's worry is that they will break away from them and CCUK will keep my sister's laptop.

Just waiting for a reply on the email front; I wanted it in writing that he would accept liability for repair and NOT ask my sister to pay a week down the line.

I have no idea why he replaced the one panel and thought it would hide the damage - I couldn't fit the HDD in because of it!

To think, CCUk has had this laptop, it came back perfectly and quickly, I must have been VERY lucky!

I still can't believe he supposedly replaced the rubber legs on one side of the laptop but not the other, funny that. I still can't believe that he supposedly stocks every single possible rubber leg and that he doesn't stock and can't get plastic panels ;) I can't believe the sticker is magically brand new or that the plastic is a different tint!

The laptop went in with 2 rubber legs on (out of 4), 1 on the "fixed part" and 1 on the "removable" part that I am stating was replaced. It came back with 2 brand new ones on the removable part but the original used 1 on the fixed part, still missing another.

Etc. etc.

I think I cracked him a bit when I said how upset my sister was about it (she was) since he obviously felt guilty and went "i don't think your sister caused that damage".