Technical Water pump / cambelt change

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Technical Water pump / cambelt change


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Oct 26, 2004
Right - o

Been on the phone to my mate tonight, and his daughter has a cinq, the water pump appears to have gone, as its pissing water out of it.

I've had a search of the forums, but having trawled through 20 pages of hits for "sei water pump" and not finding what im after, i thought i'd post.

My question is - how difficult is it to change the water pump & cambelt (this is the same as timing belt, yes? excuse the muppetry there) and what's the best way to get off the cambelt cover etc etc with the engine still in-situ in the car. I take it the wheel liner is gonna have to come off to allow access to it from what i've been reading


Just ensure before you replace the water pump that its not the little rubber 'O' ring on the metal pipe at the front of the engine block thats not gone as I have replaced in the past a perfectly usable water pump only to find that it still leaked from this pipe, the water runs down on the pump and gives the impression that its at fault.

If you are certain that it is the water pump i would still say replace this 'O' ring as its less than a pound from Fiat and a simple job once the system is drained, one small bolt at opposite end of pipe below the manifold and the pipe will wriggle free.

thanks for the replies guys

J333, your post on that little o-ring thing was one post that i managed to find in the search, lol. Thanks for the heads up again though

Deffo the water pump, the cambelt had been changed, and tightened too much, which caused the tension to wreck the pump bearing and seal, and the cam belt to run out and fray.

One trip to a local motorfactors, a new belt and waterpump later, all is fine again.

Thanks again guys