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General Water in my "new" uno


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Sep 4, 2007
Hello! About two weeks ago I bought a "new" 10 years old Fiat uno. It has just 33.800 kilometers on its weels and is in top form, if it wasn't for the water on the floor. I noticed there were 2 pools of water on the floor on the fellow passenger side and in the back of the car. It has been raining, but the windows were closed and I didn't noticed any water falling from the roof to the floor. So I wonder if anyone PLEASE has a clue where the water came from...:)

thank you :worship:
If it has a sunroof thats a good place to start.

Otherwise remove the door frame seals, give them a real good clean, dry and refit them. When I clean them I soak them in soapy water for at least 4hrs, then scrub every inch with an old tooth brush. I then rinse and leave to dry in the sun for about 4hrs.

Another thing that you might want to do is give the flange where the door frame seals attach a tap with a rubber mallet to push them out a bit (tighten the seal).

And finally, sometimes the door is out of shape. To fix this you place your knee against the inside of the door and pull on the top of it (be careful).
Hi just had this problem with my girlfriends uno. Take off the cowl panel (between the bonnet and windscreen. You'll have to remove the front windscreen wiper and then theres 7 or so screws holding it down)

Underneath there there is a dip in the cars metal where the heater air intake is. It has a drain hole to stop it filling with water. However after 13 years it'll probably be clogged up meaning that water can get into the heater and leak through there.

Its tight to get your arm in to clear it out, but I got a small screw driver in my hand, then forced my arm down the hole and poked the drain hole clear. I then stuck a hosepipe in to wash all the remaining crap out. The fault is now fixed.