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Nov 2, 2004
Somerset, England
Mmmmmm.. Ye.. My washer jets haven't been working for about a month now & the symtoms are - My pipe leading to the bonnet from the bulk head is clear.. and when i try the leaver for bout 5 seconds u hear the pump (as normal) then look under and at the back of the engine (maybe even the bulk head) washer jet fluid is pizzing out.. Hmmmmm Any tips, hints & tricks? common problem? anyone know how i can diy the thing?
Sounds like a cut/crack in pipe/hose.Follow its route and find it...Surprising some insulating tape wound really thick around it will normally do the trick if you cant get new pipe or a connector junction.Might help to cut both edges "flat" with a blade...
Hmmmmmm Silly thing realli.. all it turned out to be was the little valve in the line from the washer motor to the bonnet - it faces at the battery & is easily visible.. plz consider looking for this lil'bugger b4 u do what i did & pull out my wheel arch & wire wall etc etc.. lolz.. its next to your bonnet strut.. i replaced mine with a piece of copper that luckily was a snug fit - bugger off am i waiting for fiat to sort their crap out - its impossible for me to get anything out of them!!