Styling Warning, Stupid question!!

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Styling Warning, Stupid question!!


Feb 21, 2005
Standard wheels on my MK1 putno (60 S V plate) what size are the wheel trims?! wanna get some new ones, as while getting used to the car ( first few weeks) kinda scratched them, and one has gone walkies!

Looking at going here (Cheapish for now as i'll look at alloys later (6 + Months)
as they also do rear wiper blades which are 4 months overdue!! (Finally found some!!!)

Cheers, and sorry or being such a dumb ar*e,

My Mk1 EL had 14" but I think it may be 13" because when I looked for tyres the tyre finders came up with 13" but for some reason my 55 EL had 14" tyres (steel wheels) :confused:

Not much help am I!
Cheers col7104,

Tyre wall said 14 and i found a ruler in work, took one off and it is 14" so new trims on the way!!!
I've got a 60sx, tyre dimensions are 165/65/R13. You said that one of your wheel trims went walkies - How'd you manage that? You'd need to undue the wheel nuts to get the wheel trims off - well, you do on mine anyway. Hope I've been of some help.

I know it's the S Team, forgot the team!! I got the blue trim, rev counter, temp gauge, padded headrests, and a better looking interior.

IMCMIL10, the trim i have are not the origional ones, the ones i'm putting on are and so have the holes that go into the wheel.