General warm start problem with uno 1.7

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General warm start problem with uno 1.7

Shafiq Ahmad

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Feb 24, 2006
I bought fiat uno 1.7 ds (1697 cc) model 2001 just 15 days earlier. This is my first experience with a diesel car. I am facing one problem in starting it.

Cold starting is very good, continous driving is no problem.

One day I was on journey. I stoped my car and switched off the engine for a drink. After some time I tried to start it again but not succeeded. I checked fuel, lubricant, coolent tamprature etc., I could not find anything wrong. Approximate twenty minutes passed for waiting help. I think to start
again, Very strange it started in first attempt.

This happen to me again.

One friend told me this is injection pump problem. The car is fitted with Lucas TVS injection pump.

Can someone help me, what the real problem is?

Shafiq Ahmad
Thanks ELTSBABY for responce.
I did not changed glow plugs and I always wait for yellow light to go out before starting.