General W reg HGT poor MPG?

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General W reg HGT poor MPG?


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Mar 18, 2004
Derby, United Kingdom.
Hi there i have a W reg (2000) mk2 fiat punto HGT, and was wondering what fellow HGT owners average in their cars (MPG), the reason i ask is i average 24 MPG, but this week it has not risen above 21 MPG?! At this rate i get 60 miles put of £10 of petrol (@ 89p / litre)?! Am i wrong to expect more out of the HGT? What factors affect the MPG - also does the HGT come with Air Con as standard? If so where is the dial / button situated to select / deselect it? As i cant find anything in the manual (or am i just being blind / thick :?: )?!?!?!?! Also the only mod so far is a powerflow backbox!

Cheers in advance!
Hi, yes the HGT comes with air con push the knob controling the fan speed in a light in the center of the knob should light up.
Never worked out MPG on a normal run around but it is about 33 on a motorway haul.

Mine isn't great but if I drive with a light foot I get around 320 miles out of a full tank, normal driving about 270-290. 'Enthusiastic' driving returns about 200-220.

I think it's safe to say if you're grinning whilst driving it you're not going to get that great an mpg :D