Technical Vibration When not Accelerating

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Technical Vibration When not Accelerating


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Jan 21, 2006
slight annoyance when i dont accelerate in my punto mk2 v reg. Only really happens in 5th gear when im doin 60+ on the motorway. The moment i accelerate or even touch the pedal the car is fine, as soon as i take my foot off and free wheel a sharp vibration and rattle seems to come from the passenger side. Immdediatly stops when i brake or accelerate. Havnt a clue what it could be..ive checked for anything obviously loose underneath and inside the bonet but nothin...Any ideas..much appreciated....
couldnt tell ya RPM i reckon bout 4000 got the basic 1.2 without the tacho
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Yup its a wheel bearing!!! will be a front one too!

If you read my £302 post in general you will see how much difference new bushs and bearings make!! Just getting home on thursday night nearly killed me, albeit it was on the back wheel, and when I braked hard the car would lurch to one side, then snap back and just generally be a pig to drive, now its absolutly fab!!