Technical vibrating knocking noise from front drive shaft

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Technical vibrating knocking noise from front drive shaft


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Sep 4, 2007

Have a 2001 1600 Multipla with 58,000 on the clock. A few weeks ago a vibrating/ knocking noise starting becoming apparent from 35 mph onwards coming from front of the car. Sounds worse at 40 MPH and then after this it gets less noticeable. It's obviously drive shaft related because it happens at the same speeds regardless of gears/ revs and probably is less noticable at higher speeds because the vibration is evening it self out. Doesn't make any difference if going straight or round corners. There is also a slight vibration coming through the floor/drivers seat.

It's not tyres or wheels need balancing - there is no vibration or anything via the steering wheel. Tyres are only about 3,000 miles old.

Took it into a garage last week who drove it and thought it was problem with front offside CV joint. But when they looked at it they said they found a balancing weight on the front offside draft shaft which had come adrift - which they promptly cut off on the basis that 'this may have been causing the vibration noise' ! I would have thought this must be on for a reason?? Anyway, the problem is still there and I am now looking round for another garage who knows what they are doing to look at it. Anyone else experienced this/ any ideas??:confused: