Technical Drive shaft lengths?

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Technical Drive shaft lengths?

May 21, 2018
Sunny Scotland
Hi everyone I managed to shear all the bolts off my LH driveshaft on my 56 plate gen 1 1.9 so ordered new ones from Autodoc as it's got 160000 on the clock. They arrived and RH(503mm) fitted perfectly but the LH (480mm) was waaaay to short so I'm trying to make sure before I buy another garage ornament if they are the same length L and R because i ordered what Autodoc suggested but clearly they were wrong. So any help would be suggested thanks
Feel for you mate, read my post regarding this :
Every parts distributor has the same part, and every one of them is 480 long, despite carrying the same part number as the original..
Think someone has dropped a spherical somewhere.
I have had to resort to getting one from a breaker, s/h, as it's the only one the right length!! (530 is the CORRECT length)
See pics attached to the above post.. to prove it!!