Technical Urgent Speedometer cable help please

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Technical Urgent Speedometer cable help please


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Nov 1, 2005
I need a new speedometer cable for my n reg Cinq sporting. (Has been a clicking noise coming from the dash for ages now the speedos dead so pretty sure its that).

Do the non sporting models use the same cable as i'll probably go up to the scrappys and pick another one up.

Cheers all! :)
was hoping to try and get one later today if anyone can help :)
looking at Eper, i've no idea - there is around 20 million codes for them.

Looking on shop4parts, there are two listed. One for the 899 and one for the sporting. Different codes, and different prices so i'm gonna go with nope they're not the same
Had a feeling they would be different for some reason so i'll go with your answer too,cheers :)

Going to take the old one off too and see if theres anything similar at the scrappys :)
i nkow theres at least 2 for the sporting as i replaced mine recently.if you cant undo it from the top of the g/box , its easiest to access it by taking off the drivers wheel then you can get right at it. ps its about £20 from fiat!!!!!
Ooh,cheers again,£20 blimey that sounds far too cheap for fiat,lol ;) :D

Is it one piece? only mine kept coming apart? good old insulation tape :D
its in one piece,its a fairly neat fit coming through the bulkhead as i found when i tried to pass it past my amp main power cable lol.
as i said it easy to access from the drivers side,i had the wheel of to do the lower suspension arms anyway.
Right,cheers :) I only asked as mine has a what can only be described as a white lump in the middle that kept coming apart :confused:

Obviously I wont know until the old ones off but the ticking noise had been driving me mad! So im hoping that something just snapped up off the cable up where the speedo is hence it all stopped working :confused:

We'll find out soon just got to get out the office in another 5 minutes and get to my parents for some tools :)
:confused: random! well I guess i'll just have to see what happens when I get the old one off and present it to the fiat garage! Think their face will be :confused: whats that?! :D
just call with your chassis number and they can oder in(they wont have it ;) the right cable
Well,I though id have a crack at it saturday,took off dashboard,eliminated the dial and upper part of the cable as if I take the inside of the speedo cable and put it into the dash it turns the dial,so that leaves the lower part of the cable and the gearbox cog....

But the lower cables already been replaced once! So its back to the garage to tell them replace it foc or my gearbox cog is fubared...

Nice :mad: (n)

I'll be glad im getting a new car!
if its the gearbox drive thats gone tits up, it's not quite as cheap to sort out.
oh another thing, the engine and box is not the original (done 93k now) so the chassis number wont help me.

Big up the fiat reliability! ;)
Exactly,think i'll scrap it if this goes on,oh did i mention its on head and clutch number 3 too? :bang:
Are you sure this ticking is from the cable/gearbox drive and not the speedo itself?

Mine ticks sometimes at low speed too, but to me it sounds like a ball-bearing missing inside and the ticking noise is another one catching up to it inside the race.

As the ticking noise happens, you can actually see the speedo needle deflect a little.

can you test the cable before replacing it? For example, by driving it a short distance to see if the cable turns smoothly and noise free.

Does someone have an old one they can disassemble to check my theory?
well if I disconnect the speedometer cable in the middle join and turn the inner part anti clockwise then the speedometer cable works so im pretty confident that ive eliminated the upper cable and the speedometer.

Prior to this it was clicking a lot (sounded like it came from the speedometer though :confused: ) and the speedometer was varying quite a bit even when I was at a constant speed.

Maybe that sheds some light on things?
If I were you I'd still run the car without the speedo anyway, this will test the complete cable operation.

Best to rule out all unknowns before buying stuff ;)

Be careful you don't get mesmerised by its spinning and drive into anything....

.....Actually, it’s probably better to get a passenger to watch it....:D