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General Uno Turbo Front Brakes

Aug 31, 2003
Banbury, Oxfordshire
So been offered calipers for £30 + vat, and was happy with that :D (these are for my cinq btw lol :D) started to price up discs and pads... went to halfords... £90 a disc :eek: thats each :eek: shop4parts can do discs and pads (standard ones, but i guess uno weighs more and has more power than my turbo cinq so should be able to stop me fine (y) ) for £90 all in, can anyone recommend anywhere cheaper or will this be the going rate as they're vented discs etc?

Alex :cool:

Edit: or would anyone have either discs&pads or calipers,discs&pads that they'd want rid of? :chin: :D
How about these

Fr. Disc [ebc] standard £11.10p ea

Fr Disk[groved & dimpled ebc]£39.60p ea

standard fr pads [ebc] £10.98

Comp pads not listed
theyr based in wakefield Tel- 01924-369000 A.z.motor spares hope that helps (y)
You'll be surprised how much extra Halfrauds charge for most things, They love to take money off the average dim boy racer. Saying that though they where good when I had my Astra GSi, Grooved Red dot discs were just £70.
GhostWKD said:
Prices look almost too good to be true comparing to shop4parts and halfrauds prices :eek: but will give them a call tuesday i think, cheers PNL (y) :D

Btw, anyone else got any other suggestions? :chin: :D

Glad to help have u been on the site price of other stuff like oil filters ect makes you realize how much we r being ripped off :bang: