Technical Underpowered Diesel!!!

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Technical Underpowered Diesel!!!


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Jul 28, 2002
United Kingdom.
Anybody!!! Help
Please could you help me, my 1996/7 Fiat Brava is sick! and to date one thousand pounds of repair bills has left a bitter taste and a dent in my bank account.
The vehicle has been to numerous garages and several Fiat dealer-ships the latter a Fiat dealer the most helpful(Sheffield), found a fault(Air Flow Sensor), which was repaired but to no avail.
The model is the 1.9 turbo diesel Brava SX and has approximately 95,000 miles under its belt, and was major serviced at the agreed 72,000 point, and no other problems.
The problem/fault which appeared shortly after an interim service conducted by my local Fiat dealer(Lincoln), is that the vehicle lacks power, the car only revs to 3500 RPM and under normal acceleration this leaves a lot to be desired. As a side effect of poor performance the vehicle also uses moor fuel approximately 350 miles to a full tank, the car does not smoke just sound like a black cab. All the hoses to and from the turbo/intercooler ok even new inter cooler fittedstill to no avail.
Have you or anybody encounted this problem on this model of car before?
Please reply soonest….
I Hockley