Technical Diesel Fuel cap not locking!!

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Technical Diesel Fuel cap not locking!!


Mar 8, 2014
soo, yet another minor problem, today after re fuelling, the fuel cap would not close, it would turn until it makes that clicking sound and usually when you turn the key it keeps spinning freely, now I can turn it back out even without the key in the cap. also, the key seems to not be movong anything, you know, when you turn the key inside the lock, it feels that nothing of the internal mechanism is moving. any suggestions?

Ive got some pics of how the caps go together if it helps.

The white rectangular peg with the spring in is turned by the end of the lock barrel. The spring returns it to the locked position.

Its not to hard to take apart but you need a key.
first the rubber seal just lifts off

then prise the bottom plastic cover off by leavering the tabs.

once that is off you can see a metal circlip (in the pic it is sitting horizontaly in the creamy plastic part)

From memory you have to turn the barrel with the key to pull the circlip out

This photo shows every part, the all important circlip you need to remove can be seen in the bottom right of the picture

I don't think it will be hard to fix once you get it apart and find out what is broken.
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