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Apr 19, 2005
My 2005 Idea 1.9 MJTD has been doing some strange things from time to time. The rear wiper will sometimes start running all by itself with the switch in the OFF position. When it does this, I can not make it stop until it decides to stop of its own accord. Sometimes this happens at engine start, other times when I turn on the front wipers but not the back one. Recently, the right side turn indicators came on by themselves after the rear wiper started running on its own. The only way I could stop them was to turn on the four way flasher switch. Moving the turn signal lever produced no effect at all. The car had just been started and was not moving at the time.

Has anyone else had similar problems with any late model Fiat Group vehicle? The car otherwise runs perfectly.
Of course that will be addressed at my next service but I was wondering if this was widespread or if I was just unlucky enough to get a one-off case of strange behavior.
My wipers done the same thing recently, Front and back Full Pelt and no slowing them down, The Squirt water on screen stalk changed to Blow Horn all on its own then the horn started blowing and intervals like the indicators, bare in mind this happened on a 1992 Fiat Tipo :p

Try these things as I didn't have a chance to do everything one at a time to pin point the problem:

Disconnect the battery Negative Lead.

Remove the Stalk Casing from behind the steering wheel and check for loose wires (plugs) or split wires.

Find the Relay incharge of switching on and off the Wipers and Indicators Intermittantly and tap em a couple times with a screw driver and clean the contacts, if possible blow some air into the sockets to remove debris and if you can, try another relay from another car.

Reconect everything you dismantled and reconnect the battery.

Start car and hope it doesn't catch fire.
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I don't have Dual Logic, it's not offered on the 1.9 MJTD. That does sound similar to what I have but your car is 13 years older (who says that FIATs don't last?), so it does not seem to be a common problem today. I'll let my garage sort it out during the next service. It sounds like too much fun for me to do alone and it's still under warranty.

Thank you.