Styling Tint film ?

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Styling Tint film ?

if it was me i would be getting this done by an aexpert(y).......there,s nothing worse than an elcheapo looking tint job......that said if you have the patience & time:D but i hear most guys would get it done professionaly:cool:
Ok, Thanks for the input mate (y)

Think i might get it done by a shop as i know of a place in wolvo that does 3 door cars for £100 and 5 door cars for £150.

Just means i got to wait till i pass my test thats all lol :worship:

Too be honest its so cheap to get it done properly these days, its not worth messing it up. I know at least 2 people who've had it done by a guy who charges £99 with a lifetime guarantee and they've had no problems so far.
Going to book it in when i pass my test(If i pass), There is a place i know in wolvo (Extream) Who will do a 3 door car for £100 (y)

actually if u tell ur insurane company that you have window tints it lowers your insurance or it did in my case any
and i only paid axtra 100 quid for my buckets harness' full bodykit and 17"s hoops ontop of my insurane RESULT(y)