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Technical Timing belt tensioner


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Jan 10, 2004
United Kingdom.
Hi folks,
Was driving to work the other day when my cinq sport died on me. Got it home and my dad says that the tensioner bearing for the timing belt is completely wrecked. The belt itself has actually worn through the cover but is still in one piece. We were wondering if this means the whole engine is wrecked - damaged valves etc? Or do we just need a new bearing + belt and then do the engine timing again? Also does anyone know if the bearing is a fiat only part or would a bearing company be able to supply it (cheaper)?

Any help appreciated.

Hi just belt and tensioner.
No valve damage,
Most motor factors will do the pair for sub 15 pounds.

Fit and go again!

Where bouts you from?
Thanks, well hopefully once the motor factors open after their xmas break it will go again! I'm from Aberdeen in Scotland.
good to see another scot(even if you are a bit too fond of sheep;)

as said its a safe engine so your lucky there. while your working on the car it may be worth changing the thermostat and if funds allow the water pump. no real need for the pump but if your taking the belt of anyway.