Technical throttle 'blips' without input

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Technical throttle 'blips' without input

Jun 28, 2006
This is gonna sound crazy but if I'm in a car park say reversing into a space, as I start to load up the engine with the clutch the engine revs will rise as though I'd blipped the throttle however I've not touched the throttle, just a momentary surge. This makes the car VERY hard to control at low speed as it tends to surge as you start to release the clutch.

Besides the misfire after starting/low compression on cylinders 1 & 4, there's no indication of any problem with the engine such as flat spots, hesitation when accelerating or ECU error being flagged. Anyone got any ideas what's happening
Well a visual check says all the pipes don't have any splits, but I'll see about getting replacements on the way home.
kritip, I'm fairly sure you are :devil:... Same cars, same sig, different nick :D

EDIT: All vac pipes changed and still revving under initial load. This is doing my head it :(
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