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General this is strange

Aug 10, 2003
Essex/Suffolk border
i was watching this on ebay

i sent message to winning bidder asking if he was braking it,
today i get message from seller "well the buyer has not contacted me... i don't have the time to break it... i will sell it as a whole car for £50.00"
how the hell he know i was interested, i hadnt bid on it and i never asked him no questions, do you think he was bidding on his own auction, and the buyer was realy him?
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Sorry Dave I was half sleeping when I left the other post, yes it def sounds as if he's got a couple of accounts or a mate was bidding for him. If you report him to e-bay his account will be suspended for doing that. But do you want the car for £50.00?
just got a reply off the winning bidder now
To: a.real.treat
From: myuseridisdave
Subject: Re: Message from eBay Member

Q: breaking the panda... all yours for £50.00
my reply
strange, the seller contacted me and offered me one as well and said you never bought it, but how he knew i was after bits i do not know, unless you are both the same person
dave said:
its a bit far away to be towed, i only wanted the rear spring and that linkage bit off the gearbox :( my towing mate is off work tuesday so will give it some thought
The remains of red panda 4x4 in old council garage which has a large hole in the chipboard (access in and out on you knees) at the back of fieding house,cambridge road,kilburn,london nw6.It has the rear axle and springs but no engine/gearbox/front hubs or windows,it has the remains of the doors but they are ruined,rear seats have no rips but are stained badly,the front seats are good with no tears or stains.most of the car has been striped and It is 1 1987 model.I checked today and the garage is still open and the car is still there it been in there since 1998 and will be there till they demolish the flat and garages in around 2007.