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General Third Party Warranties


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Nov 29, 2005
colchester, essex :)
As the Stilo isn't the most reliable car in the world...:rolleyes: are there any third party warranties worth taking out?

I know that generally extended warranties have a bad press, but thought I would ask anyway!

(Car is an abarth, 52 plate with 49000 miles).
I got a 3 year RAC warranty with my Stilo Abarth. So far it has paid out £250 for a new front wiper motor. As it only cost £300 it has nearly paid for itself. Car was only 2 years old but had not been serviced in accordance with FIAT's schedule so their warranty would be invalid and need a charge to bring it into operation. I'd certianly look to get one if you can.
Previous owner bought ours from Arnie Clarks and got 2 years Autocare Warranty (Think they are in some way connected with AC) put on it at his expense, neigh on £400, then traded it for a Kia Picanto about 5 months before his 3rd year FIAT warranty was up! Kia dealer got the warranty transfered over to me FOC, so covered until end Sept '07 :) but first problem I encountered - front antiroll bar links were not covered as these are wear & tear items (n) Hopefully it will prove to be useful if I have any major computer or gearbox issues etc...