Technical 'Original Birth' Warranty Period

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Technical 'Original Birth' Warranty Period


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Nov 30, 2006
any one know how long their warranty is... been shipped 'Original Birth' Rear axle bushes when i thought i was buying Meyle HD (4yr warranty)
pfft for those who were wondering... 12,000 mi/12 months

i can see me doing this again in the next 3 years, unfortunately im between a rock and a hard place with it as they need to be in this weekend... ho hum seller as appologised sincerly for the mix up so i suppose for the price and the vagueness in description i cant grumble too much.

ill let you kow how i get on with them.
i was originally asking if anyone knew how long the warranty was on 'Original Birth' parts.

i was shipped Original Birth when i thought i was getting Meyle HD.

i answered my own question after finding out ...
will they take them back for a restocking fee?
the extra £10 for meyle seems worth the extra 3 yrs warranty especially as its not a real easy install to be thinking of doing it again after these.
I was really impressed with the meyle drop links compared to the oe ones I took off
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its an option, undecided yet. plan was to do it this weekend, dunno if it will come to fruition yet.
Any other Meyle HD bush codes for the Stilo would be nice.

the drop links: MEYLE 216 060 0000/HD
the rear bushes: MEYLE 214 710 0001/HD
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