the term "valver"

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the term "valver"

Was it a williams or the 1.8 16v clio? There both rather similar cars just a few differences but a lot of people stick a 2.0 willy bottom end on the valver engine. exterior wise theres not "that" much difference either. mainly cause the williams is based on the 16v which is usually referred to as a valver. Just a nickname not really a chav thing.

Just odd if its a williams to be called a valver. valvers are usually the 1.8 16v basically just a nickname rather than saying 1.8 16v clio valver is easier

Like imprezas get the scooby nickname.
I think valver actually refers to an engine with a valve conversion.. iirc.

the valver kit increases the number of valves on your engines....

with reference to the williams clio... that's a 1.8 16v with a long crank... not sure where "valver" comes into it though
its just a nickname. The williams is usually called a willy the rest are just your normal rsi rt etc. the 1.8 16v just got valver for a nickname.
Helz said:
I notice Vaux-shed owners use the term a lot, which explains the link with chavs really!

EDIT - I rather like the more refined Italian terminology of sedicivalvole though :)

Hey Helz bet you cant say that one backwards :p :D
I prefer Sedicivalvole too...

but 'sixteenvalve' doesnt have the same ring as English isnt as beautiful as Italian.
yea say "sedicivalvole" to a chav and he'd prolly punch you in the face... also he'd ask what the **** is written on the back of your tipo

"it means the same as that "16v" sticker you got from hellfrauds fella" :rolleyes:

sorry slight rant over
I would think that Mitsubishi [i assume we're talking evo's here] are far from Rice.

Rice is like putting a spyder sticker on a hardtop saloon...

rice is not buying a 25k+ car, as that is a piece of performance car.
If they come from the land of the rising sun, thats a rice mobile.

On the subject of evo's my mate just got his back from some crazy tuning place, 500+bhp its a beauty, but he is now very poor, but happy.