Technical The one and only Dualogic failure thread

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Technical The one and only Dualogic failure thread


Glory to Arstotzka!
Jun 29, 2013
Despite it being 9 years old, it’s got very low kilometres on the car and even lower on the new gearbox, so the fact that it’s being so stubborn is absolutely devastating me, as I really can’t afford to junk the car.
Sorry to hear about your Dualogic failure, I've been lucky enough not to be hit by it yet -- I think my car is virtually the same as your model, 9 year old FIAT 500C Lounge TwinAir 0.9L (I bought mine new in 2013, but it was manufactured back in 2012). Mine is very low km as well, less than 14,000 km at this point -- what's the odometer reading on your car, if you don't mind me asking? It certainly does seem like the troubles start once it hits a certain mileage 😰