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The Fiat Forum CS:Source Thread


Feb 20, 2005
West Yorks
Here is the new thread for which all CS and CS:Source players can now post. There seems to be quite a few of us, so we can get a few games in (y)

The FF server is down atm, but hopefully stu will sort it. If so are we up for a game???

The IP address for the server is xxx

It is password protected but im not posting it unless stu says so, as we dont want non members taking part. PM me for now if you want the password until stu says otherwise

EDIT - removed my IP - server name is [FFN]-Fiat Forum Ninjas - grab one of us on MSN for password....Stu ;)
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The IP addy for the FF server does not work for me anymore? Anyone else suffereing the same problems?
I want the password please!!!

I have been having real trouble though just getting on servers. In the server list when I click a server it brings up a dialog box saying there is no playing, clicking and waiting sometimes works (once every few dozen servers or so), or frantic clicking has been working for a while, but now even that doesn't work, this morning I finally got on (After AN HOUR of trying) only to be greeted by the most annoying sweedish kid there ever was, he was moaning and singing and cursing everyone for telling him to shut up, drove me mad!!!

Anyway I'll PM.
was one guy on jolt servers, when he died played music on his mic, couldnt hear a thing, was so loud, ruined everyones game (n) think he got banned tho :D :p
Right, found out why server died - I turned off my folding program, to free up resources - system must have then gone into an idle state, and turned off HDDs, etc.

So now changed my PC power settings (y)
I like CS source but I prefer Day of defeat source. I played CS for a long time years ago and basically have got a bit bored of it now. I also played DoD when it first came out and I have been a big fan ever since.
If anyone ever fancies looking me up on a game i'm usually on one of the jolt 28 player mahem maps. User name is the same as FF ;)
Stuart DemonD said:
Just looking, I got DoD but the DoD:Source is $19.95 :s
it's easily the best source game out there, teamplay can be really good on a packed server as there's no way forward unless you do it together :) I got my DoD free with HL2, I had the gold bundle iirc though.