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The Last of Us - PS3


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Mar 23, 2007
So survival horror and zombies meet again...

Should start by saying I dislike survival horror and zombies and went out to buy uncharted 3 as I'm in the process of playing through the 6 ps3 games that are worth owning. But it was sold out so went for the 4th highest critically rated ps3 game ever.

Easily the best looking game I've ever played, it plays half way between max payne and gears of war if all the ammo ran out.

Has a very good storyline so far however it's rather a cliché, someone has immunity to the fungus that causes people to change into zombies, get them to somewhere where they can be studied , can only think of "children of men" with a similar story atm but sure there are more. But it's well written and acted.

Combat is intense, mainly cos I can't shoot for ****, and bullets are rarer than the proverbial rocking horse poo...can always beat them up with metal pipes.

Decent swansong for the ps3, although I can't play it for more than an hour or so as it's has a very oppressive atmosphere, and is very interested to see how it ends.
Given that i rarely buy games straight after release other than Gran Turismo's. i can honestly say this was worth shellimg out fo.

I'm on my second run through now.

However, I think the whole zombies part of it is rather unnecessary. If it was just a post apocalyptic world, similar to what Fallout perceived, full of survivors. Both the Good and the Bad, then I would be much better IMO.

Awesome game still though,...

Think I'm gonna have to go get the Uncharted series now too.
I finished it last night, can quite honestly say that it is the best game i have ever played. Very dark game, but it use's emotion much better then any other game on the market, have to say i was generally attached to certain characters through the game.

Subtle things made it great and i will get the platinum when i have more time. Definitely has to be in the top 3 graphical games ever and possibly my number 1 for the story!

Loved the zombies and i think if it had just be post apocalypse it would have been much harder to play any role in the stealth portions of the game. Think on top of being a great game it was also a great piece of art. Loved the whole thing from start to finish. Might go online later cause it's meant to be one of the best around!
Finally finished it today, excellent game but hard work, in the same way as watching platoon followed by apocalypse now is hard work.