General suspension query?

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General suspension query?

Jan 24, 2004
New Milton, United Kingdo
I want to fit some lowering springs to the car, but.... I have two different front legs and although the car sits level one spring seems a bit shorter than the other, basically the bit it rests on at the bottom is lower than the other side. Presumably someones changed a leg at sometime!
So, if I get lower springs will it sag or do the two different legs have the same springs, anyone? One has got a big plastic ring at the base of the spring if thats a clue.
My old 45s was the same. I'm pretty sure that the springs are the same length when not in the car. Due to the wieght of the engine and driver on the same side in the rhd 903 cars the drivers side spring compresses more and the spacer is stuck in to bring everything level. The big plastic ring is on the drivers side, right?