General Sunday Panda-ering with the Panzerwagon

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General Sunday Panda-ering with the Panzerwagon


Northern Ireland
Mar 5, 2005
Got up early this morning (well, before lunch is early:eek: ) and took the panzerwagon round to my Dads to get Steve's tailgate. I'd taken load of blankets cause I thought it would never fit in the boot....


But I was wrong, it's bigger on the inside than I thought!


No wonder the Benz has this on it's ignition key!

Got down to Stu's and Juppy was in good shape, all welded up and ready for the road again (Stu had even fixed the loose Battery!:D )


So we're still trying to sort out what we're doing with Sylvia.... Stu seen that crazy look in my eye that makes my bank rub it's hands together with glee at the thought of my credit cards!
So before Alan killed me, we headed back toward Belfast and having a big black Benz in your rear mirror is rather worrying!


My dad phoned then to say that the neighbours had called round to his house in a state. They'd seen the undertakers big black car outside his house that morning and thought the worst! Oops:eek: But I'm sure that car has some history... This morning we found copies of hard core porn under the drivers seat on DVD. Not much use to me so if anyone wants to make an offer.....

Juppy also must of been rather intimatated by it too as he refused to warm up, even on heavy traffic on the motorway... Stuck thermostat????:confused:


Once I get the MOT sorted I'll investagate further.....


Maybe I should of left that space for the Benz....:eek:



Alan spied this one on the way out of town... Looks good. Thou it's got something rather weird stuck on the rear pillar... Any ideas?

I wonder if they ever come on here?????:confused:

I'm off for a nap,

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Nice story Jim. I met the owner of that blue 4X4 recently in Tesco carpark. I actually made him an offer on the car but he has had it for 15 years and wouldn't part. No idea what that things is stuck on it. The back was full of blankets and the rear seats were out, I think he uses it for his dogs.

Oh, and thanks for the tailgate. :)
Ah... Would of loved to of seen him with juppy, would of made a good photo as I've never seen another 4x4 over here...

Stu and I where discussing juppy's rust problem and we're putting it down to the damp in the garage but it's the only place I have to keep him and I've blown my Carcoon money:eek: I'll just have to think of something... Mmmm

The tailgate is free but do you want to make an offer for the CD's from under the front seat?

the top one is probably a busted antenna but it's the square box thing just above the 4x4 graphic is very weird...:confused:

is the thing above the 4x4 Sticker a Red Reflector?
Giving the bank manager something else to rub his hands much is a fill up? 735 takes about £80 odd and the 750 just under £100
Alan.D said:
Giving the bank manager something else to rub his hands much is a fill up? 735 takes about £80 odd and the 750 just under £100

about 60 odd quid at tescos (nothing but the best for my benz:p ) and it goes about 350 miles....

But that will rapidly drop if we start using it for work (or Stu tries a burn out again!)

...and I was watching the DVD's tonight:yuck:

Ive got 1 of them round things on back of mine, or half of 1, also my door Aeriel came off the other night and it looks like its never been wired up :(