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General sunday jobs on the UT!!


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Jul 5, 2006
well again ive been messing in the garage! firstly gave the hf turbo calipers and carriers another coat of hammerite! shiit bit was cleaning them up, its downhill now!, then the misses said she can see oil spot on drive, so had a look and level was down (never moves) and looks like has been seeping out of the weak seal in the filler cap, (put a bit of tape around till source new seal) then i wiggled a few pipes as usual, and the fecking crankcase breater snapped, easily fixed just chopped off the brittle end, (but was under the afm) I would advise all uno owners to have an inspection under the bonnet before the real damp and cold comes, a squirt with a little weasle **** (wd40) never hurt an uno and will keep the damp out! Ant!


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SHAME!!! the delta that was broke, was a mint shell but not the same as integrale so had to go, but he made me remove a few bits!!! Ant!


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filler cap (oel) is just an oring isn't it?

as for the dodgy breather, yeah, they die eventually. when I get a new shell for mine i'm gonna replace every bit of breather/pipe on the engine, i mean its 17yrs old, and rubbe rdont' cost much so worth it.

what happened to the delta? looks rust free, but has a slight case of convertab'itus :p
He only bought the delta as a spares car (56kish and mint) as all his trim ie seats, carpet, windows, and virtualy all the plastics on his grale were crap, and he wanted me to cut out sections of the sill where they rust and the roof, I painted them in smoothright as have in the past, I'm on the 3rd set with the same tin! and have not had an issue of the paint burning, flaking, dulling ect, and i put tissue in the holes so as not to block them, 3rd coat to be applied in about an hour, i'm sure i heard somewhere that a punto oil filler cap fits the uno and is a better design maybe i'l try that, Ant!
Well yet again i was called back to the U'T, fix it again TONY!! i noticed last week she was low on water, then on saturday i went for a spin and the drivers footwell was wet! (misses noticed nowt he he) so i thought the windscreen needed sealing with the non hardening flexible stuff! (like dum dum if anyone can remember that) as i did my golf a few weeks back, which had 2 waterfalls running down the footwells, (developed after removing and refitting screen) now alls well! anyway the rubber was dry, HMMM!! then i dipped my finger in the water and it tasted sweet (ANTIFREEZE!!!) so off came the under dash tray and trims, shine a light , and eh presto the heater matrix valve is dripping from 2 places,i dug out my spare which had the same rusty water marks on so wont be fitting that! I rung fiat today and ordered the new valve £20 and o-ring £4? and a couple of exhaust rubbers, the 2 big central rings and the next one towards the rear £10 and will have them for tomorrow, another sunday fiddling but finished for starwars!! can you see the drip! Ant!


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Good work ant, i miss messin about with the uno. Got so much on at the minute ive had no time for it. Got some money behind me now so gonna try get some stuff done to it over winter
Sunday! Sunday! i'l fix the heater valve and sort the exhaust rubbers out, first drained the water from the matrix, then removed valve and tried refitting the new valve, and guess what! its the wrong part!!!! so glued my old valve and refitted ( and not one drip) my mate who works as parts manager in salford has left and things aint going right, i rang caledonian and told him it didnt fit he said there are 2 types and the part i want is no longer available, (i dont think he tried) as i phoned perrys and told him the part number on the packet the valve came in and he said is wrong and will send me the right one, shows you eh!! if this valve comes and is correct i'l be speaking to caledoian, so wednesday it comes but i think il save the knuckle scraping fun for SUNDAY!!! its like peeling an orange in your pocket fitting this valve, and wait for the car to cool down first as i got red hands draining the water he he the exhaust rubbers went well!! see the difference in where the valves connect to the matrix, the right one has a recess for a seal and the other is just flat so it wont seal! Ant!


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see the difference in where the valves connect to the matrix, the right one has a recess for a seal and the other is just flat so it wont seal! Ant!

Mmmmm. Maybe the seal isn't really necessary (bit of silicone sealant there perhaps), or maybe it's OK for the seal to sit on the surface - the studs are long enough.

I enjoyed reading your posts with your trademark wit! :) Shame I haven't had much time to spend around here lately, but then again my Uno Turbo is running great and hasn't needed any work - though I did change the cambelt & tensioner as a preventative measure a couple of weeks ago.

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Cheers lads! the prob with the heater valve is its a female and the matrix is a male end, so the fit together, i can try and reproduce the same recess on the new valve if all else fails, as the valve i need is no longer available and ive tried everywhere, ive glued it for now and all seems well'ish until i can fix it properly! thanks for the replies Ant!
Heater matrix and valve replaced!! job done!, the heater valve i needed is no longer available from fiat, so i had to buy a brand new matrix inc valve from ebay (for a tenner!!) then spent half the day removing and refitting the centre console, upside down bent in half shuffling a pack of cards with one hand and peeling an orange with the other (all ad libs from on here) bit tricky! nuckle scrapey! but all went well, even tho i left all my best tools at work, having the right tools makes the job a whole lot easier! leak tested and re-antifreezed ready for the great FREEZE!! the valve i glued last week had'nt leaked since, so maybe anyone in the future could glue theirs although the heat control arm on the valve was weeping a little, so i swapped the lot, and the heat coming into the cabin has improved. so the misses will be happy! he he!! list of tools!! Fine technical screwdriver, (for removing screw covers and grub screws that hold heater control cables) philips screwdriver, 1 stubby, 3 sizes ( magnetic if poss) 1/4 drive socket set (6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm) with various extensions and screw driver attachment, 10mm +8mm spanners, long nose pliers, Oh! and a good light! handlamp type! i used the fluoresent tube, all in all, under 30 screws, just time consuming! started att 11am'ish stopped for few quicky breaks, finished at 4'ish not to bad, and was on the sauce last night! lol! you know me heres a few pics, one of the trickiest screws was the one that holds the front console the the heater box, which required the dash to be removed, so i melted a hole on the inside of the glovebox, with soldering iron, to remove and refit, "Antsuno2"


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nice one, i hate dashboards...the amount of times if been upside down with an inpection lamp next to my head and my hands fiddling about with things dropping on my face :D lol
btw you know the cover thing to the left of the steering wheel with a big hole and two little things, what is the purpose of it? my cover came off and it wont go back on :confused:
Well jobs on the ut on sunday didnt happen again today! still stuck in xmas mode, but everythings been going well with RLR!!! but i have been collecting a few bits and bobs, most from the great set of lads on here and turbo collective, unoracer for the braces! louie for the gearlinkage setup, (the whole bloody lot,) and mark for the quick shift, also a pair of subaru STI seats in exc cond (£40) and a nice momo steering wheel (£20) both from a mate hence the price, so its time for us all to get our arses in gear! Ive got loads on with the ut and the the mk2 golf (also collected some sweet bits, but it is mine!) Ha ha whilst writing this ive had to fix the washing machine, Misses cursing in kitchen cos washer wont drain, (outlet pipe blocked) job of the day! she happy me hero!! all set for next weekend, Ant!


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