Strange Files on PC

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Strange Files on PC

Jun 3, 2004
Ooop North
Why does my pc have files on it with dates that havent happened yet? They all us symbols in the file name and not a type I recognise. Find them very quirky. The first I found was created 28/02/2014 00:12 modified 28/02/2014 00:36.

My old PC has them on too- just booted it up (not use for 2 years) and that has one on to! created in 2035

anyone else got anything or heard anything about these? Will check the mac for some later to see if its just windows (I use Millenium on the PC and old pc was 95 Compaq edition)
Big Black Stilo said:
Just use search for files and folders created between 06/01/06 and 01/01/2099 and see what it brings up
Just done that very search, including all hidden and system folders - and got no results, as expected :confused:
Big Black Stilo said:
Hmm...... found alsorts of dates from 1973(???) and 2055.

Try widening the search!

Looks like ur PC is a time traveler Who ooooo :D