Technical strange engine fault error, any ideas?

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Technical strange engine fault error, any ideas?


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Sep 20, 2004
Probably my own fault but anyway, I was in a rush, outside temp -1 degree...

Jumped into the car which was parked with boot facing up a small hill.

Started engine stuck straight into reverse, revved up and she spluttered a bit and the engine fault with spanner and light came on.

It stayed this way after every restart, i drove anyway as it all seemed ok except for the annoying beep.

Went for lunch, came back, same thing on start up, drove to a garage got petrol, restarted the engine and low and behold the warning light and message was gone!!! I then drove 200 miles back from galway to balbriggan without any event... totally puzzled but hoping it was a once off due to cold temp and sudden start up... needless to say i wont try that one again.
i had that happen before on my old JTD, dealer told me to take it in but when i got off the phone and started up the bu99er decided to stop showing the error. phoned dealer back and he said not to worry they sometimes do that... not very re-assuring i know but hey was fine until i sold it (prob 6/7 months after the event);)
The car operates a self-check mechanism; if it detects the fault has not reappeared a certain number of times over a certain time, the fault message will not be displayed, however the fault will still be logged on the Body Computer. No doubt just a glitch, nothing to worry about!
maybe it was due to the small hill, and the sensor in the fuel tank could not read the fuel level right and poped up the warning, because after a while the fuel level resetled everything read correctly maybe?.(even if its bull it souds right:D)