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General Stilo Weeps...

Dec 25, 2005
Here, there & everywhere!
My Stilo has started to weep... any ideas how to cheer it up :confused:

Putting the Coupe alloys back on shod with 550 Uniroyals daint do the trick :rolleyes:

Seriously though, my JTD with headlamp washers, for the past week or so has been leaving screenwash puddles/deposits on the floor but headlamp washers still seem to work properly... any ideas whats wrong? Happens both sides but mostly nearside (passenger side) only. Think the fix will involve removal of the front bumper :cry:
Has the pipes perhaps become stretch to fair and started to 'strain' so to speak. Im not lucky enough to have headlamp washers on mine :cry:.

However, my passenger side windscreen washer jet has either blocked up or broken, it till squirts out of the 'side' nozel, but not the main one that shoots for the 'centre' of the windscreen :confused:.
If you remove the front wheels and wheel arch liners you can get to the washer jets. I'm sure about the drivers side not 100% about passenger.

Does it only leak when the washer bottle is full to the top?

I had a leak on my drivers side and that was a damaged jet but it only leaked when the bottle was full, when the level fell below the jet gravity stopped the leak.
Sorted by removing the pipe and blocking end up, i disconnected the pump at the base of the washer bottle so they don't work at all.
You'll have 2 pumps, 1 for windscreen and 1 for headlights.
I find they use up too much water and don't make much difference anyway.
Hey Guys - here's a great tip for clearing those blocked windscreen washer jets.

With a suitable screwdriver turn the jet adjuster through 180° which if you do it carefully will allow access to the rear of the fixed 3 jets. All you need do now is carefully remove any gunge which has collected behind the jets and also blast some water through to clean it thoroughly. When done simply turn back through 180° again and carefully align.

Job done (y)