Technical Stilo shumacher JTD exhaust

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Technical Stilo shumacher JTD exhaust


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Sep 20, 2007

I come from france (North of france :arras), and i want to hnow if it's possible to buy the exhaut of the "english" schumacher stilo ?
Because in france it's the standart exhaust (n)

Or have you got some photo about schmacher stilo with exhaust ?

Many thanks for your help ;)



I'm sure that the exhaust is ok for JTD and other, but in france i can't found the exhaust of Your schumacher stilo !

The exhaust for the shoowee is only a back box from OMP and to be honest not that much of an improvement whereas GSR have not long designed a complete system for the shoowee/Abarth that does away with one cat and replaces the exhaust manifold cat with a sports cat ..tested it give 30 bhp increase to the car :devil:
I don't increase the performance of my car, i just want to change the exhaust !

But i like that of the shumacher stilo from UK

Schumacher JTD? no such thing is there?

Ahhhh well................. according to there is ;) Go to used cars, click on stilo then model/specific and thus appears in the listings the JTD Schumacher along with the more common/well known editions. I don't think it ever exsisted in the UK market, perhaps elsewhere? Maybe an Italian domestic market edition..... who knows for sure?
Obviously if you follow the search on the Fiat site for a JTD Schumacher you get b*gger all :rolleyes: No surprise there really ;)

I suspect JC does want the OMP back box off the Schumi edition for the looks, but as Phil rightly points out there are better alternatives. In this case I think it must be for show, not go :D

Many thanks for your reply !

it's right i search an exhaust (blak box) for my stilo, because that i see are not really beautifull, and i want that it's like the default exhaust of the schummi edition, i don't know if it's a good exhaust (for you no !:eek:)..

But if you know other exhaust that are compatible witj my car and resemble the exhaust of the stilo schummi from UK, i'm taking !


That cat replacement pipe would probably be a good for a few ponies.

Wonder if it would cause problems come MOT time?

Anybody know about diesels MOT emissions???