General Stilo Reliability?

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General Stilo Reliability?

Sep 26, 2003
Northern Ireland
I may very well be joining the ranks of the Stilo owners soon. See here:

The only thing stopping me is the number of problems I've read here about Stilos, mostly the warning lights, failure to start, etc.

Does anyone own a Stilo that has been 100% perfect? Is buying a Stilo buying trouble?

Lastly, is £6695 a fair price from a dealer for an 04 plate 1.6 Active Multiwagon with just over 13,000 miles? :)
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Seems a reasonable price but I'm afraid I don't really know what a MW usually goes for. As for buying into trouble as I said on the other thread I've never had a problem apart from my local dealer.
Only problem i've had is that one of the doors jammed shut! I've never had a problem with starting, stopping or driving! :) 27,000 miles and counting!

Price wise i dunno if you got a good deal, i guess it prolly isn't bad! I paid £7.5k for my 53 plate Stilo 1.2 when i got it 2 years ago.
Steve said:
Does anyone own a Stilo that has been 100% perfect? Is buying a Stilo buying trouble?
Mine was 99.99999% perfect, mechanically. All I had wrong was a loose conection the day after I picked it up and after that it was absolutely fine. Only problems I had were not related to the car being bad in any way. But I spose any of us could be unlucky with whatever car we get.
seems like a good deal, maybe check parker guide for a price! I havent had any experience with the 1.6 varient. But we own to stilo a 53 reg 1.8 stilo and a 04 1.2 stilo and have never had any major problems with each *touch wood* they are both reliable cars from my experience! It is mainly the older models that suffer from problems ie. 01/51/02/52.. These problems were ironed out around the 2003 period!

Go for it mate, you've still got what 1/2year(ish) warrenty left (y)
Like I mentioned in the other thread, Dads 53 plate MW, considering its only 12-18 months (2 years at the outside) younger than mine is actually so much better screwed together than mine that words fail me and you would swear it wasnt that same brand... let alone the same model! Mine, despite having lead a sheltered life until I got it last May (2 owner 2.5 year old with FSH & 15.5 K) has gained 21 K in 10 months :eek: and besides anti roll bar links, software update to cure poor engine running & rear tyres outer edgewear it has been plain sailing... apart form spurious warning lights and error messages & the odd bit of engine oil :cool:
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Like 1.8Stilo said most of the problems on the stilo were ironed out on the 03 models, I have a 3 door JTD with 43k and not any problems yet.

The parker price guide says £7070 for the MW so it sounds like a good price, go for it(y)
Steve said:
So what I gather from this is that the early Stilos are the one to watch, but an 04 plate Stilo should be fine. That's eased my worries a bit.

TBH as well Steve, its not the most popular stilo model in terms of sales etc so it could turn out to be a bargain buy
Yer about 04 was the facelift IIRC, maybe not noticeable on the MW but they cured most of the electronic probs at the same time
Come on there Steve join us in the Stilo Brotherhood you know you want to :D there are body bits available also for the MW ive even seen the rear light covers for the model and they look soooooo sweet Hm Hmmm they use the 5dr front bumper I believe so the front spoiler on there would look (y) :cool: and I even recollect seeing side skirts and rear bumper somewhere so come on Steve take the plunge go get it (y)
Yep I do so agree (y) with you guys it is a great estate :D and with a little imagination :idea: well as the saying goes great oaks from little acorns grow (y)
yea, so touch wood and all that, i've had a minimum of troubles with mine.
engine wise, it's been great, cd broke a couple of times, but i've replaced that anyway.

there was an engine problem, but that wasn't the car, that was a muppet error by the garage, they did something when i took it in for a service.

only downside i can find is it seems to be a target for assholes with screwdrivers :bang: :mad:
StiloBoy said:
Why? Can't he have his own opinion?

Only customising i've done is fit Fiat Alloys! hardly call it customising anyway.

Theres hope for you yet then StiloBoy (y)my comment was meant in a light hearted way no offence or anything else for that matter was intended
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