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General Stilo 1.8 rear brakes


Stilo Possee
Jun 21, 2004
Ok, i know this isnt normal but basically i have moved on from my stilo, as a result i have a set of rear discs and pads (brand new never been used)
These are FREE to the first person who responds and is willing to collect (as postage is expensive) i live in northampton.
they are EBC discs and EBC kevlar pads.
I bought them for my 2004 1.8
And if they are rears then they fit the whole stilo range and not just the 1.8 (y)

Nice to see you again Sam what have you moved on to ?
cheers guys, got a 2 litre clio now. i must admit i always come back here though because other car forums are generally crap and i mean that.
I always found with the fiat forum that everyone was so friendly and the advice given was conceise and to the point (also it worked)
unfortunatley i am a member on another forum associated with my car and the advice i get is poor, everyone seems to bitch and traders slag each other off.
Nice to see a REAL forum with a REAL community once again