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May 24, 2005
Does anyone knows where the EGR valve is on a 1.9 JTD Marea? Photo would be even better :)

I guess mine is sticking, in very cold weather=lousy performance and black smoke (n)
Hello again , in the wars at the moment ?

The EGR is very easy to spot

In case you did not know, here is a cleaning guide.
BOO Cleaning Guide

When you open the bonnet look down at the front , between the radiator and the engine is the Cylindrical (SP?) EGR with a hose in the top of it. If you take the Black cover off the top of the engine, this hose connects to a metal hose that runs the the back of the engine into what I think is the vacuum regulator or something like that ?

Anyway, I found it easier to take the 2 main bolts out of the EGR and the two bolts at the far end of the pipe and and seperate the pipe and EGR outside the engine, this also allowed me to clean some of the CRAP :eek: that had collected in the plenum chamber and clean the metal pipe as well.

Once I saw all the gunge without going to town and taking apart the engine I realised I would never get all the muck out of there but took the big rubber intake hose of the side for easier access and did the best I could.

The biggest challenge for me was getting a socket and extension bar thin enough to get those EGR bolts out :mad: must managed it in the end.

Also the guide suggest than once clean you can suck the tube and you will see the valve open, this guy must be an superhuman or something. The way I did this was put my finger in the hole and pushed the vavle up, alone I could not move it easily , but sucking at the same time made the valve work.
Have plenty of carb cleaner available and old rags too if you intend working on the plenum chamber :yuck:

It did not fix my problem, but at least I know that it will be a while before this is causing me any headaches. I certainly did no harm.

Good luck. I did take some pictures as I was doing the job, if you are really interested I could post them later.
Thank you for your answer.

Well, garage supposedly cleaned the EGR 2 months ago, but now it is "sticking" again. It is very cold here now (-13), so maybe this may be the cause. Anyway, when I notice the symptoms, I just rev (in gear) over 3200, and loud WOOOSH can be heard from the passenger side (right side) and everything is fine. I mean realy LOUD, as I can hear it while driving, with radio and fan on.

It is just to cold now to do any work on the engine, so it will have to wait.