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Technical starter motor


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Sep 16, 2007
HI every 1, can some please try help me out! my wife owns 98 brava 1.4 1.2v . for about last 2 mths it decided to start playing up, when she gets in it in the morning and turns it over the stater motor just abouts does the trick. but when she does her 15 mile run to work turns it off. and to see if its ok the motor turns so slow it will not turn engine!!! she leaves it till she come's out off work and its fine little slow but engine fire up.Thats the story behind it... so i decide to get 2nd hand 1 £20 starter motor, fit it no trouble and bingo it fired up first time .. Well it did for about 4 weeks and the same again i could here starter motor getting slower every time she turn the engine. so i decied to get bat- test its all fine even got her bat- from fiat just for peace off mind, ahah still turning over slower. so decied to buy brand new starter-motor fit it and its all good starts fantastic. Still 1 night mrs on way on from work fine then stops off @ shop comes out and nothing not even a click !! so i go out to her to have a luck give it a try nowt, put key in all lights seem ok on dash
so we leave it and go back in morning for it and it starts no trouble like it just come out off show room! SORRY for essay. but can please some help me. may thxs mark&paula

the rusty frayed wire going from the gearbox to the chassis is the main earth strap, they tend to rust which increases the resistance, especially when they get hot.
ok thxs for info peeps, i checked it out and found out it looks little worse for ware! will wait now untill the car does it again then change it and hope it does the trick . back soon with info- once again thxs(y)