Technical Squeeky Suspension (I Think)

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Technical Squeeky Suspension (I Think)

Feb 2, 2006
High Wycombe
I guess this can happen to all cars at some stage but every time I go over a bump I find I get this squeeky noise sounds like its coming from the back suspension springs currentley I just turn up the Music to drown out the noise is this something i can fix myself?

Ta In Advance
Hi, The sqweek is caused by the handbreak cables rubbbing on the suspension arms at the rear. Get a tub of grease, gunk it on all around the rubber bush holding the handbreak cable in the metal hook on the top of the trailing arm and way hey, no more squeeks. I have to do mine once a year. Rubbish bit of design, but all cars have their faults. If this fails, it's something else.

Oh, You will have to do this from under the car, or remove the wheel. Make sure you do both sides. Its real easy to solve