Technical Squealing brakes

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Technical Squealing brakes


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Jun 23, 2003
United Kingdom.
My mk1 1.2 S has suddenly developed a squeal from the front O/S brake. It comes after driving a few miles and a gentle tap of the brake pedal and its gone, soon to come back till I tap the pedal again. Discs and pads are good on it. I have noticed the O/S front wheel has alot of brake dust on it compared to the N/S wheel. I dont use the car alot and I think it could be just the caliper sticking. Is it just a case of removing the pads and ensuring the pistons of the caliper are not siezed and that the caliper can slide? Not sure if this is common on Puntos. Any help will be great.
You sure its not a wheel bearing?...the drivers side front on my old car used to squeal as you drove along but went silent when you hit the brakes
just been in car. the front O/S brake gets hot after a little trip. I think the pad is sticking to the disc.