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Technical Squeaky Rear


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Sep 30, 2005
Hi all, last November my Fiat Punto W Reg started making a funny noise, nearly all the time but especially when I went over speed bumps. You know when some people get married, they sometimes tie tin cans behind the car - well that's what it sounded like. Eventually the exhaust fell off and I had to have a new one fitted.

Well today I drove it back from college and the noise has started again but this time it's a lot worse. I took it back to the garage as the new exhaust has one year's warranty on it. The guy there did something to it (wiggled it around quite violently) and then stuck what looked like a crowbar up the pipe. He said that the exhaust was causing the problem because it was rubbing against another part of the car. He said it was fixed because he's moved it out of the way. 20 seconds later after leaving the garage the noise started again even worse than before. I swear it sounds like I've got tin cans hanging from the back. So I'm starting to think it might be the suspension - but when I park it up and bounce the back up and down by sitting on it, there's no noise whatsoever.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I've heard of this before, it is the exhaust. But the reason you can't hear it when you jump on the back of it is that when the car is accelerating the back end sits down and the exhaust gets closer to the axle. Most FIAT dealers know about this but most other garages don't.

Take it back and tell them that it's still knocking on the rear axle.
yep very common prob had on mine. tyhe back box rubs on axle if not positioned correctly. you will probably see rubbing marks on it. normally you have to move the exhaust back slightly couple of bolts that sit. if you check under car when its cold. you will see the box. you should be ablke to get you hand inbetween the back of the box and the axle. if you can only get a finger then its to close.
Tried getting my hand between the rear axle and the exhaust and there's plenty of room - room for both hands to fit. Doesn't seem to be that then :( .
Well I took it back today, they came out and had a drive round so they could hear it for themselves. He said it may be the shock absorbers, so on came some new ones - went out again for a drive round and the noise was still there, so the old ones went back on!

Got to take it again tomorrow, I keep telling them it's the exhaust but they don't seem to think so. However he did say when I drop it off tomorrow they'll remove the exhaust and fit a new one just for piece of mind :rolleyes: .
I had 2 rattling noises on mine, one was the exhaust and another was the pin out of the caliper on the passenger hadn't been replaced :rolleyes:

Have you had the brakes changed recently? no harm in having a look only takes about 5 mins.
Well they took another look at it again today. The final verdict:

It's nothing to do with the exhaust as they took it off and drove round without it on but it still made the noise. They've checked everything on the car but they cannot find out what's wrong. The only thing they've done is put some rubber straps around the fuel tank as it was supposedly moving around quite a bit.

It seemed to have done the trick though - no more squeaky rear! :)