Styling spi Sei dash

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Styling spi Sei dash


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Feb 15, 2006
S.E London
having bought a temp guage without a light ive got to source some blue led's, so i thought the usual orange and the blue wouldnt match very well. so heres the question i want to change all the l.e.d's in the speedo dash to blue and i dont know how to disasemble the whole unit which is halting my progress. can anyone tell me how the hell you take it apart?
i am handy with a soldering iron as i change phone backlights and x-box panel lighting.P.S whats the voltage of the led's anyway?
Im sure it has been done, but it hasnt occured very much i couldnt even name one sei that has different coloured speedo lighting. Eviljaxx's old grey one had blue ones but that was done before he got the car IIRC. Im sure it can be done though

The only problem you have is it is essentailly one whole unit so you may have problems re-fitting the plastic which protects all the needles etc
ok then brown it is doh!! well maybe i can scan the dails on the compy and change the filtering using transparent colour film to white or blue whichever gives the better effect. it has to be blue though because of my head unit and blue footwell neons.