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Speaker not fitting


Nov 30, 2005
Hi.. just bought some speakers. 6.5"..
When i fitted them in my car. the holes on the door panel are like 0.5cm too big . any ideas on what i can do??
mdf spacer ring.

cut it to the size of the hole, and then a hole in the middle the size of the speaker, sand it smooth and spray silver/black

and ten Job's a good 'un
What speakers are they? If they have 4 mounting holes you may have to drill a couple of holes to get them to fit. Or did you mean they don't go far enough back into the speaker hole?
So the problem is that there are only 3 holes on the door and 4 holes on the speaker? If thats the case, then you just need to make more holes so that it fits.
yea.. well 4 on the speaker and 3 holes in the door.. BUTTT .. the door ones are about 0.5cm bigger
I have some mounting brackets for my JBL GTO's that I dont need, they convert 3 hole to 4 hole...

i thought what he meant is the diameter of the speaker and ring is 0.5cm too small...
So the holes in the door are 1/2 a cm wider than the holes in the speaker? What kind of screws are in them :eek: Got any pics to help me see exactly what is up? :)
got no pics.. will put some up tommorow
cinq was right.. 17cm in door. speakers are 16.5cm
the 16.5cm Infinity coaxials i had in there fitted ok, i just had to make a few more holes using the speaker as a template and it fitted perfectly (y)
is there any wires behind the speaker slot in the door, i dont want to drill into them
the velcro holdin my sub doesnt move a inch.. if i pik the sub up.. the whole carpet comes up with it. STRONG!
Wouldn't suggest using velcro dude lol. The plastic is pretty soft so you could just make a hole (using the speaker itself as a template, screw one screw in and push it back while you do it) with a bradawl and you're sorted. Thats what I did, just be careful not to slip, and I would suggest getting someone else to hold the speaker in place so you can use one hand to push and the other to hold the bradawl steady (y)
heat a metal kebab stik, and melt away plastic to make small holes